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Do I have to sleep in a tent?

No! You can also make arrangements with the LS+G Tour to bring your RV, or stay at local motels and B&B's. Of course, hotel and RV arrangements and transportation

would be at your own expense.

How do I charge my e-bike?

On the Route A SAG/Rest Stop will have a generator for e-bike riders to get a quick charge.

Overnight A charging area will be set up for riders to charge their bike batteries. Also riders can use the outlets next to their shelf inside the Gear Trailer.

How much is the registration fee?

Zero There is no registration fee for Love, Sweat + Gears. Once riders raise $1,000, we send them a sweet Love, Sweat + Gears t-shirt, hoodie, and cap!

Can I ride a shorter distance?

Yes! You can join these shorter options:

  • Stage 1 Tour West: 2 weeks (10 spots available)
  • Stage 5 Tour East: 2 weeks (10 spots available)

Registration for all tour distances open are filled on a first come, first served basis. So register early!

How do I manage my medications on tour?

If you use prescription medication and are not a resident of Canada, please arrive with enough to last the duration of the tour - 70 days for the full tour, and 14 days for any stage.

If you use a prescription medication that requires refrigeration the tour will provide a secure refrigeration unit for these participants.

Do I need a GPS device or know how to use Ride With GPS?

Yes. For the safety of all participants LS+G provides everyone with a daily paper turn-by-turn cue sheet and a digital gps route to use on their smartphone or bike computer. A smartphone is required for all participants on the tour.

Sign up for a free Ride with GPS account and you will have access to all the daily routes when the tour begins. These routes are interactive and provide your location, voice prompts for each turn and warnings when you stray off the route. These maps are downloadable into your phone so you do not need a cell signal to use them. When LS+G makes changes to a daily route you can see it right away. Use the map of the full route to get familiar with Ride With GPS. Here is the map!

What is the full tour route?

Canada, from the Pacific to Atlantic! We begin in White Rock, BC and pedal our way to Calgary. Onward to Winnipeg. Over Lake Superior to Manitoulin Island, ferry across Lake Huron to the Bruce Peninsula and ride on to Montreal. Reaching Quebec City we cross the St. Lawrence River and make our way through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island, where we dip our tires into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Here is the map!

Are there any restrictions on bikes?

No! The LS+G Tour recommends that whatever bike you bring be in good mechanical condition and suitable for paved and unpaved roads, rail trails, and paths. View our Bike Mechanics Recommendations

Can I bring my CPAP machine?

Yes, absolutely. There will be a sleeping area at each overnight for CPAP users which will have outlets for your machine. Please let us know prior to arrival that you'll need space in that area.

Are visitors allowed on the tour?

Yes. Participants are encouraged to invite friends and family to meet them on tour and spend the day at rest stops and the overnight location to get a taste of the tour. Please make arrangements with Terry prior to their arrival.

What is SAG support?

SAG is the support along the route provided to riders each day by our amazing team of volunteers. It consists of:

  • Vehicles shadowing riders along the route each day to make sure everyone is safe and gets help along way.
  • Rest stops spaced along the route for riders to pull off, sit down, grab some sweet or salty snacks, recharge their e-bike, and refill their water bottles.
  • Each SAG team is equipped with a hand pump, tool box, and spare tubes.
  • The number of stops depends on the daily route and are usually spaced 25-35 km apart.
  • An LS+G bike mechanic will be located along the route and in camp to help riders repair their bikes so they can continue this incredible journey. View our Bike Mechanics Recommendations

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, please visit our charity page for details.

I’m not a cyclist! Should I still register?

Yes, definitely. Many past participants would not have considered themselves cyclists before the event - most had never cycled long distances before training and some didn’t even own a bicycle! You can do this.

What are the accommodations?

To keep costs down, LS+G spends its evenings at schools, campgrounds, arenas, and college dorms. Occasionally, the LS+G Tour will use a budget-friendly motel.

Do I have to identify a charity when I register?

No. You can register without choosing a charity. However, you should choose one shortly afterwards and let them know you've decided to bike Canada for their benefit! If you plan to be the only donor and don't want to choose a charity then Blue Sea Foundation becomes the recipient.

Can I bring my E-bike? Tandem? Trike? Recumbent?

Yes, of course! The LS+G Tour is about supporting your effort to help charities thrive.

  • E-bikes: There will be charging stations at suitable SAG/Rest Stops each day. You will need to bring your own battery charger.
  • Tandem, Trike, Recumbent: Oversized bikes will be transported by trailer.
  • Plus, our tour mechanic is experienced in the repair of all shapes and sizes of bikes.

How much money should I budget for each day on the tour?

Doing my best Austin Powers - "One Million Dollars!" In all seriousness, that depends on you. The tour includes all your meals, a place to sleep, showers, transportation on tour, snacks at SAG/Rest Stops, and continuous scenery changes! You'll need to plan on money for your personal expenses like laundry, stops at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, sight-seeing, and private lodging.

Is Love, Sweat + Gears open to international riders?

Yes, anyone who is willing to meet the fundraising goal is welcome to register.

Does the tour provide transportation from/to the airport?

Yes! At the start and the finish, riders can make arrangements with the tour manager for transportation for themselves, luggage, and bike. Shuttles are also available at the start and finish of eligible stages when riders join or leave the tour.

Will I need camping equipment?

Yes, unless you plan to bring an RV or find local lodging. For the rest of us, you can either provide your own camping equipment or rent it. Love, Sweat + Gears rents the following equipment for folks who do not want to buy or transport camping gear:

  • 4 person tent
  • closed foam mattress pad
  • camp chair

Those who rent will still need to bring a sleeping bag. For a complete list of what you will need on tour check out the Tour Packing List.

Will there be any bike tools/supplies on tour?

Yes! The tour provides bike cleaning supplies, chain lube, bike floor pumps, and basic tools to allow you to do your own minor maintenance. The mechanic will have tubes, co2 cartridges, a few common sized tires, and shifting and braking supplies available for purchase during the tour. If you have a bike that requires custom parts we recommend you bring the basics like spokes.

Will the tour provide a route map?

Yes, definitely. Each day during dinner Terry will review the next day's route, pass out Turn-by-Turn cue sheets, and review the route including road conditions, weather, and stats. A gps version of the route will be available and updated for use on gps devices like smartphones and bike computers. Complex turns will be reviewed at the daily rider meeting and if possible marked in chalk on the route.

Do I need to be an athlete to participate?

No. LS+G is for people with bikes. You can be an avid cyclist or a first time rider! Follow our training tips and schedule and you’ll be ready by LS+G time. If you have existing health conditions or have any concerns, be sure to work with your health care provider, they might want to join you!

How do I register?

Visit the Register page to register online. Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I mail in my registration?

No. The LS+G Tour requires you to register online. If you need help with that process, please call or email us and we'll help you through it.

Where and how long are the Stage Tours?

All stages are two weeks long. You can find more details here.

Why does LS+G recommend wider tires than the traditional road bike?

They are easier to pedal, have lower rolling resistance, are more comfortable on rough roads and less work on unpaved surfaces! But of course if you prefer to be uncomfortable and work harder, especially on unpaved surfaces, then be our guest and feel free to ride a more narrow tire. We will gracefully support your decision.

Are meals included on the tour?

Yes! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included. Snacks are provided at each SAG/Rest Stop. Meals are optimized to provide you the needed nutrition as you burn thousands of calories each day.

Don't see your question here?

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